Located in the Bruce peninsula, about 300 km north of Toronto, a place to be in the summer, with its blue waters, forest reserve, and shipwrecks… there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Tobermory Lighthouse


I have visited this city four times already and every visit offers a different perspective. In my first visit, I rented an apartment right at the heart of the city; the second visit, I stayed in an attic.  The third and fourth visits were in a hotel.  But it was the room in the attic that gave me a real taste of Amsterdam.  As you climb the stairs, it gets narrower and narrower.  No wonder they have such big windows, to bring in the furniture.


Just a bit

As I stood on the seashore one afternoon to do long exposure photography, I was faced with a choice: to make the water very smooth (ethereal) or capture the waves as they break through the rocks and recede.  I chose the latter and I think I succeeded.  What do you think?

waves crashing on the rocks