Blue Water Bridge

Canada and the United States, two friendly neighbours, standing side by side, at least that’s what some of us think.  Blue Water Bridge connects the two countries in Sarnia.



New York City

I visited New York City the first time in 1991.  New York City has always been described as the Big Apple.  Coming from a country that had to import apples, apples were those big, red, sweet-smelling ones, and expensive.  One just wants to look at it and smell it.  So, when they say New York City was the Big Apple, it conjured in me this image of a city that must be so beautiful and desirable.  When I got there, the Big Apple was a rotting apple.  It was dirty, full of graffiti, and lunatics everywhere.  I vowed never to return…  In 2014 I decided to give it another look… the city is still crazy, but good crazy.

New York City