El convento de la popa

Situated on the highest hill of Cartagena, Colombia is a Church dedicated to the Patron Saint of the city, Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria (Our Lady of the Presentation).   It was established by the Augustinian Friars in the 17th century.



Back to the Fiordland

The Fiordland in New Zealand is the eight wonder of the world.  The mountains, forest, waterfalls, lakes and rivers are most dramatic and beautiful – just awesome.  There was much rain when we got there and the clouds cascading down the mountains added mystery to the whole experience.



During the time of colonization, the Spaniards built cities and towns after the pattern of their own home cities.  It is also quite revealing of the close partnership between church and state in the way their institutional buildings are situated – usually fronting each other, around a square (plaza).