Church of St. George

Church of St. George

Emperor Constantine built this ancient church.  He loved Sofia so much, he wanted to make it the capital of the Byzantine Empire.  The church is surrounded today by all these buildings because during the Communist era there was an attempt to hid religious sites from public view, so I am told.


The chosen people experienced a snake infestation while sojourning in the desert.  Moses was instructed to put up a pole with a snake as a means of deliverance from the affliction.  A memorial was placed on Mount Nebo, where Moses was said to have viewed the Promised Land before he died.



Interestingly, this Orthodox Cathedral was intended to be demolished in 1924 because it was regarded as a symbol of oppression.  It was saved only by the lack of funds.  It was meticulously restored when Estonia got its independence from Russia in 1991.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn