Instituto Catechumeni

This building in Venice, Italy was once called the Instituto Catechumeni.  Here an African Slave girl came to live and became a Catholic.  Her name was Bakhita.  When she was beatified by Pope John Paul II, the Holy Father called her the “Universal Sister of humanity.”  Several years later, His successor, Pope Benedict XVI called her the “Model of Hope for our times.”

Instituto Catechumeni


Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace, just south of St. Petersburg, originally built in the 18th century, destroyed by the Germans during the sieged of Leningrad, and rebuilt in time for the Tencentenary of St. Petersburg in 2003.

St. Petersburg

Rome is Rome

Speaking of Rome. there are at least two that often comes to mind: St. Peter’s Basilica and the Coliseum, also known as Flavian Amphitheatre.  The coliseum is named after the emperors of the Flavian dynasty, which was used not only to entertain the people of Rome but also the place where many Christians were martyred.

Roman Coliseum