Buenos Aires

Beside the famous Recoleta Cemetery, where historical personalities are buried like Eva Peron, is a church dedicated to Our Lady of the Pillar built around 1732 by the Augustinian Recollects.

The Church of our Lady of the Pillar

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El Caminito in Buenos Aires, Argentina, once an eyesore of the city and now a Street museum that has inspired the famous tango music of the same name.

Caminito 1891

La Recoleta Cemetery

Cemeteries are always interesting places to visit.  Take for example this tombstone.  It is about a young woman, who went into a coma and pronounced dead in 1902.  Several days later, graveyard workers heard cries emanating from her tomb.  When they finally opened her tomb, they found scratches on her face and her coffin in her attempt to escape.  What a tragic story!  Her mother commissioned this art noveau to immortalize her.Recoleta