Taking photos and flooding our favorite social media is so easy with the camera on our mobile devices.  But, what if I restrain myself by sharing only one photo a day?  What benefit(s) would that be?  That is what I want to find out.

I like taking photos.  I take photos every day.  Whatever catches my attention.  I have no specific preference as to the type of photography.  If there is, I gravitate more towards landscape and travel photography.

I don’t have a favorite camera.  Ok, I do have two mirrorless Sony cameras – one full frame and the other a crop sensor.  I also carry a mobile phone/camera.  I do believe, however, that the best camera is the one that happens to be in my hand when I want to take a photo.

A case in point is this shot I took from inside the plane as we were about to land at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.  Our Catholic parish of St. Josephine Bakhita is currently constructing a church in north-west Mississauga.    We are a flight path and I quite anticipated that there is a great chance I will be able to see our project from the plane.  But even in that state of anticipation, I forgot to bring out my mirrorless camera, which I could have easily been able to access considering that my bag was just under the seat in front of me. What I had in my hand was my mobile phone.  To cut the story short, here is what I was able to take.

Church site

The church under construction can be seen towards the left side of the photo, colored yellow (because the brick walls have not yet been installed), and a protected woodlot behind it.

In the past, I used to travel with two camera bodies and several lenses.  Lately, with all the airline weight restrictions, I am becoming more intentional with what I put in my bag.

I am just a hobbyist.  I am not a professional photographer.  I rarely sell my photographs. I just like to share my explorations and my passion.